About NANS

NANS: Neuron And Network Simulator


NANS is a suite of four interactive graphical simulators for the modelling and display of neurons and networks of neurons. The fundamental building blocks are segments of neuronal membrane, which are used to construct compartmentally-modelled neurons. Any number of neurons can be connected with synapses to define complex networks.

NANS is conceived as both an educational and research tool. An enormous variety of behaviors can be observed and simulated easily with this software. Professors can graphically demonstrate ideas discussed in class; students can easily experiment with basic neuroscience concepts; researchers can model complex networks and vary the parameters of the simulation as desired.

NANS documentation and binaries for the hp are below; if interested in porting it to other Motif compatible platforms contact Jude Mitchell for source code. There is also a PC version, which comes as a self-extracting zip file, "makenans.exe", which offers comparable utilities to the workstation version. To obtain source code, send e-mail to Jude Mitchell.